If you had no idea what a cryptocurrency was yesterday….

…then doing a little search-fu on:

Dogecoin bobsled jamaican

probably cleared that up for you.

“Dogecoin” is based both on the lamest meme of 2013 and the original cryptocurrency, “Bitcoin”. It’s a bit of a joke and a bit of a serious currency all wrapped up together in a bunch of speculation about how the IRS would tax earnings on any realized gain.
I’m going to speculate here and say that some form of cryptocurrency is posed to become the next world’s reserve currency (please see caveats noted below) and the last thing the IRS is willing to do is to issue clear rulings on how to pay your taxes on any realized gain. Not being a tax attorney, the best guidance so far about the issues involved seems to be here. Worth exactly what you paid for it. I don’t expect the IRS to issue anything anytime soon because doing that would go a long way in reducing the FUD surrounding widespread adoption. Expect any future issued rulings to be as byzantine as possible.

Despite my feelings on the future of bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies; investing in these things remains highly speculative. Don’t bet the farm.

Even though Dogecoin probably can’t be counterfeited, willed into existence, or “double-spent”; it isn’t immune to having it’s exchange rate being manipulated by well-funded players and world powers. I’ve also seen an amazing number of users fall for scams that scream “Ponzi scheme” and “confidence game” to any reasonably well-read person. Dogecoin of course is a fiat currency, (just like federal reserve notes.)

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The most subversive non-violent non-protester scores a victory against the state

A man comes down to the National Mall with a push mower and a leaf blower and starts cleaning up the memorial grounds. Of course he needed to be stopped, as there’s not a bigger threat to the state than people taking it upon themselves to step in and clean up the mall during a government shut down.

Citizen lawn mower at Lincoln Memorial: Shutdown or not, areas shouldn’t be neglected

“He said the police chased him away, but it was too late. He said he had already been tidying up around the memorial and the Reflecting Pool for the past few days, because nobody else is.”

I’m surprised the WaPo covered the story at all, but at least they stuck it in the “local” section.

Even worse than allowing him to mow would be allowing his arrest to be photographed. The NPS is being forced to walk a very fine line here. They know as designated “essential personnel”, their number one goal is to deny our national treasures to the masses, yet they’re probably under strict orders not to create a scandal by arresting any veterans groups or non-violent protesters.

The NPS had to stop the non-protest, because what would happen if he had 25 copycats the next day? What if coverage of that story meant they had several hundred ordinary people cleaning up and getting ready for the Million Vet March on Oct 13, 2013? *

“I want to encourage my friends and fellow Americans to go to their parks and show up with a trash bag and a rake,” he said. “Show up with a good attitude and firm handshake for the U.S. Park Service.”

After all, if there was a huge government shutdown, who would mow the lawns?

(more on Christopher Cox)

Christopher Cox and his chainsaw give new life to fallen trees

*(link to google news, expect faster-than-normal “link-rot”)

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We’re well into our second week of Shutdown-Mageddon (and aside from a bad cold, I feel fine).

A few observations:

1. Could this possibly be a deliberate attempt to wipe all the unconstitutional NSA spying off the public radar after the idea of War in Syria failed to gather favorable reviews in the focus groups?

2. Has the mass media banished the idiom “Congress has the power of the purse” from any and all news reporting until the major parties swap control of the Executive and Legislative branches?

3. Does anybody else find NPR news reporting intolerable ever since it has gone to 100% Shutdown-Mageddon sob stories all the time?

4. In a similar vein, does anyone else picture the announcer dude silently mouthing “whether you like it or not” when they credit sponsorship to X, Y and Z foundation or corporation and then continue with “…thousands of NPR listeners just like you”?

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price gouging vs. supply and demand

So you may have heard about a bit of a weather-related unpleasantness lately from something called a “derecho” that hauled ass across Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC and Maryland last Friday.

As a result of such weather, many people have gone days without power in the stifling heat. Everywhere you go you hear the sound of chainsaws, the sound of emergency generators, and everywhere you look are people just driving around or idling just because their car is the only AC that they have access to.

Fuel demand has probably doubled and the supply, well, you probably realize that without power no one can pump or sell any gas. Many stations have been left high and dry. Any fuel station that prepared themselves for the privilege of selling you gas during an emergency with expensive homemade emergency power probably wants to make their investment back.

So is anyone really surprised when gasoline starts costing twenty-five cents more a gallon? I’m surprised it didn’t double.

Inevitably, the elected officials screaming the loudest are the same ones arguing that President 0bama doesn’t have a “gas price control” lever in the Oval Office. These are the same idiots that refuse to accept that there really is a “T-bill event horizon”, past which it would be impossible to sell enough paper to service the paper we’ve already willed into existence.

(Oh, and last I checked, a 10 year T-bill issued by Greece was paying out in interest at something like 27%!)

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“Always Think Forfeiture”

Here’s an interesting item up for bid on ebay.

This looks like swag from some taxpayer funded BATFU seminar, with the famous “always think forfeiture” tagline on the back and the “made in china” sticker clearly visible. Stay classy, tobacco-ninja guys!

More photos at the above link. Currently it’s at a sawbuck or so with free shipping.

No connection with the seller, and if was planning on bidding myself, you would be finding it out later, after the “sniping”.

Less than 24 hours to go!

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