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A more Christmas-ly post.

Best wishes this Holiday Seasoning. Continue reading

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Driveshaft / half shaft carnage

Unless you have arrived here via a search engine, this is going to be a boring post. It’s also most unchristmas-like, despite the date, so you have been warned. Continue reading

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My gun safety lesson

I was over at my buddy’s farm, shooting on the back forty with another friend. He had brought a number of guns, including a S&W model 63 J-frame, in 22 long rifle. Continue reading

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Patricia Konie is suing!

Patricia Konie, the New Orleans lady that had her gun stolen and was forcefully evacuated after being body slammed by the police is suing

Good, I was afraid she had dropped off the face of the earth. I wrote about Patricia in this blog entry, which also has several video links.

It it seems neither SayUncle nor Ravenwood noticed the contact point in the quoted press release, Ashton R. O’Dwyer. He’s the ?line in the sand? guy from another newscast that I linked to.

Presumably, the lawsuit will publicly identify the CHiP pig that did the body slam. I’m pretty interested in the disciplinary action that he received due to his performance. I also hope they publicly release the entire video that Ken Wayne shot, as I’m curious about the clip that got cut out.

The press report also claims that she also has not had her property promptly returned. So despite the NRA victory, who got there guns back? Was it only Buell Teel? How many guns were stolen? Has the NRA dropped the ball here, being too busy beating their chest over the victory? Continue reading

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Suggestions for gas stations

Most of the time I totally trust the multi-national amoral corporation thingys with all my most personal data, especially if they have a multi-million dollar ad campaign where they pay actors to pretend that they are regular people just like me, only better looking, expressing their heartfelt opinion that their preferred brand of fuel depot is a good neighbor. That impresses me a lot. Continue reading

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