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congress-critter staffers discover Wikipedia

“I’m in favor of banning the entire IP range for both House and Senate for a minimum of seven years. These people’s salaries are paid with our tax dollars, and I’m not interested in seeing my money going towards Wikipedia vandalism. If people still want to contribute, they are welcome to do so on their own time, at home, when they’re not using government computers.” Astarf 20:29, 30 January 2006 (UTC) Continue reading

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Google can and should do better.

Google gives you a cookie. That cookie is sent back to Google every time you interact with Google. Even if your ISP provider changes your IP address. Even if you access Google at a coffeehouse or a friends house. And because Google does not have a ?data retention policy?, all of that data presumably gets warehoused,forever, just in case they ever find it useful. Continue reading

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Crows hate Martin Luther King Day

Scientists think crows are pretty clever, some even think they are as smart as chimps. There have been documented cases where crows were seen carrying nuts down to the street when the traffic lights were red, and then retrieved them after the next light cycle, after traffic had cracked them open. That?s pretty clever. Continue reading

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Why, there oughta be a law!

Sectionn 1337 5p34k4g3 — Irregardless of misspellin’, commas and; other punctuation, and irregardless, of the, original intent, of the written law, the law, means exactly what the judge, wants the law ? to mean, instead of what it actually says… Continue reading

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Kroil – the best penetrating oil

Payola free plug for Kroil and Aerokroil Continue reading

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