Crows hate Martin Luther King Day

We sometimes get crows in my neighborhood. They come on Tuesdays for the all-you-can-eat trash buffet. That’s thanks to annoying neighbors that don’t want to bother with a trashcan with a lid. I usually throw my bare plastic bag to the curb too and I like to think that the crows don’t mess with my trash bag because the crow is my “power animal”, but it’s more likely because I pour a quarter cup of ammonia into the bag before I seal it up.

trash picking crows, but no trashl

(You can click on the image for a pop-up, larger, uncropped, 174 K image, but why? It’s just some crows.)

Scientists think crows are pretty clever, some even think they are as smart as chimps. There have been documented cases where crows were seen carrying nuts down to the street when the traffic lights were red, and then retrieved them after the next light cycle, after traffic had cracked them open. That?s pretty clever.

But I?m sure the crows aren’t that clever, because the crows appeared today, Wednesday.

So I?m sure crows are observant enough to tell the difference between a weekend and a workday, probably by watching commuters, or perhaps by noticing the light rail trains that run beside their rookery. They can remember things, and they can count to at least two. On the second morning of the work week, the crows know enough to arrive in my neighborhood, but trash day was yesterday. Crows hate Martin Luther King Day.

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