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Skinheads arrested at Neo-Nazi protest

Here I’m actually trying to write the most sensational, yet technically still true headline can think of. Here’s what apparently happened: Those same Neo-Nazis who’s mere appearance in Toledo started a riot, marched the last weekend in Orlando, Florida. Counter-protesters apparently got into fights with other counter-protesters. Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Ordered To Stock Contraceptives In Massachusetts.

Well, they have gone and done it. After three ladies (and their supporting groups ), sued to bring media attention to their ?plight?, the Board of Registration in Pharmacy in the state of Massachusetts has arbitrarily ruled that emergency contraceptive is a medicine that is ?commonly prescribed?, and therefore must be stocked at Massachusetts’ 44 Wal-Marts and four Sam’s Club stores. Continue reading

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Biathlon thoughts

Checking my local NBC broadcaster, I note that on day 8, (Saturday, February 18) there is going to be some over-the-air broadcasting of the coolest shooting sport, the Biathlon. This is quite surprising, as I don’t ever think I’ve caught anything more than a glimpse of coverage before on the idiot box. I wonder if past NRA letter writing campaigns have actually succeeded. Continue reading

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