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Manually spanked spam

I’m normally pretty tolerant if a thread wanders off topic, but this guys screed has nothing to do with employers requiring that employees get RFID implants. Continue reading

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Outlaw Mandatory RFID “spychips” Implantations.

Why there ought to be a law! Wisconsin might become the first state to ban the mandatory implantation of RFID “spychips” into people. Continue reading

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Cool UV Tattoo Ink

I?m not a huge fan of tattoos, although I do like looking, (especially at nice looking, tastefully done “tramp stamps”). However, this is pretty cool. Continue reading

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Happy Lenin’s Birthday

Oh, I mean Earth Day. Oh sorry about that. I never meant to imply a connection to communism ?warmed over? and the present day environmental movement. It’s funny how Earth Day just seems to have been given the exact same day as Lenin’s Birthday. What are the odds, like 365 to one or something, right? Continue reading

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Minor Threat live clip at You Tube

I ran across this fantastic clip. It’s a little jumpy but it shows a bit of a Minor Threat show. If you’ve never been to something like this (hardcore or punk or whatever) you might be thinking that this is some kind of out-of-control drunken brawl. It’s not Continue reading

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