Happy Lenin’s Birthday

Oh, I mean Earth Day. Sorry about that. I never meant to imply a connection to communism, “warmed over”, and the present day environmental movement. It’s funny how Earth Day just seems to have been given the exact same day as Lenin’s Birthday. What are the odds, like 365 to one or something, right?

Oh wait, one of the very first Earth day celebrations took place on exactly the 100 year anniversary of Comrade Lenin’s birthday, which I’m sure is another fantastic coincidence.

This coincidence must bother at least one person, because it looks like someone made a huge effort to erase that little fact from Wikipedia. If you compare Wikipedia’s Revision as of 17:41, 20 April 2006 and Revision as of 18:34, 20 April 2006 you can see someone removed that little fact. Furthermore, the edit seems to have been hidden inside a flurry of non-commented activity leading up to today’s Earth Day. That’s OK though, because I think the 36th anniversary of Earth Day is the Propaganda one, and not the Bone China one I had been led to believe.

The remover of that fact seems to have used the IP address of which Whois shows as resolving to the University of Texas at Arlington.

I’m going to list some other IP addresses who also edited during this big rush of uncommented activity, but I want everyone to remember that these are likely boxes that were infected by viruses and were used as ?sockpuppet zombies? thus the owners (including the above one) aren’t automatically guilty of unethical editing:
Telemedia Group SA
Comcast Cable Communications
MTS Allstream Inc.
Comcast Cable Communications
Road Runner HoldCo LLC (which was used to do some vandal edits that were quickly reverted by a bot)

Folks, this is the best effort of a stealth “sockpuppet” edit that I have ever seen. Slick. Of course, It was discovered by one lone blogger doing a little fact checking before posting my usual screed.

If one of my readers doesn’t insert back that little fact for me, I’ll just use my sockpuppet to fix it later. Revisionism history sucks. (If you do change it for me, would you please put a link on the talk page back to this blog entry? Thanks.)

I think that this shows the strength of Wikipedia, rather than a failure, as I was able to easily ferret this out in about 20 minutes of probing. It does, however, give me the idea for a bot that would look at the recent history of a Wikipedia entry and give you a graph of the edit timeline, the number of letters that were changed, the number of unsigned edits, brand new editors, and perhaps edits without comments. Might be useful to a reverting bot or something.

Update: I just read a bit more of the edit history page for the article and wanted to make it clear that this seems to be an often edit war on this particular article. I’ve still never seen this level of sneaky editing, however.

Update: In contrast, here’s a bumbling attempt at sockpuppetry, as demonstrated by minons of our congress-critters.

Anyway, besides fighting revisionism history, let me tell you what I did for Earth Day. I grabbed my backpack for the first time this year and put in some mileage over at a local National Park. I came prepared to pick up trash, but for some strange reason, I didn’t find any, which is strange because I always have in the past. I suppose someone beat me to it the weekend before. I had the park entirely to myself, because of the rainy weather, and I have come to the conclusion that I’m either using my genuine GI issue poncho totally wrong, or it really doesn’t protect you from any rain. It does, however keep you warm from the effects of rain, and is airy enough to keep you from sweating too much like I do in other types of rain gear. Really, the front of my T-shirt was soaking wet from rain blown in from the hood, and my legs were soaked too because I didn’t have any leggings on. It’s useful, keeps my pack dry, stays in my gear list, but doesn’t do a damn thing to keep me dry.

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  1. Standard Miscief,

    I edited the ridiculous Wikipedia entry on “Earth Day” to include the deliberate choosing of Lenin’s centenary as the founding of “Earth Day.” It has since been censored. Below are the comments I left to document my change. Whoever reverted the entry to the incorrect version I found didn’t bother to reply to my comments. Gee. I wonder why. Socialists are all venomous hatred and no balls. The context and appearance of my comments will be clearer if you go to the Wikipedia entry and read them, but I pasted them here for your convenience.

    Cheers, Jeff Bargholz.

    “Friends of the Earth,” the group that founded “Earth day,” promotes socialism as strongly as it does environmentalism. It advocates economic redistribution, government regulation of nearly all aspects of people’s lives, communal land ownership, control of production in the hands of the masses, etc. Its main bogeymen are: “evil” corporations (especially the Fortune 500 companies,) Big Oil, Wall Street, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and (naturally,) George Bush. Its own website, the aptly named foe.org, provides ample information on its desired social model. The words of its individual members provide even more. The original activists who organized the 1970 teach-in did so to oppose the Vietnam War and promote environmentalism. Most of the original organizers were avowed Marxists, as the rhetoric they espoused on that day makes clear. The connections between “Earth Day” and communist clap-trap cannot be denied. Any attempts to do so are dishonest, ignorant or just plain stupid. Kant, Nabokov, Mingus, Spelling, Danza et al. were not the Fathers of the Communist Revolution in The USSR. (A moronic commentator pointed out that these individuals were born on April 22nd. I guess he missed the whole centenary thing and the popularity of Lenin’s birthday among the America-last leftists and commies. *JB*) Lenin was. As the “Father” of the USSR, the country which was America’s main ideological enemy at the time, Lenin’s birthday was considered more “apropriate” than those of Marx or Engels to mark “Earth Day.” According to declassified Soviet documents, the KGB originated the anti-Viernam War effort in America. It was eventually picked up by a general public that thought the war was too costly, but most organized anti-war events were strongly influenced by communists. Histrionic references to “right-wing cranks” betray the hard-left bias of those who make them. Bargholz 10:44, 23 April 2006 (UTC)

    AI; David Brower, the founder of “Friends of the Earth,” was an extremely militant green. In 1952 Brower became executive director of the Sierra Club, at the time a group of some 2,000 hikers, amateur photographers and picnickers. By the time Brower was terminated as director in 1969 over his radical behavior and refusal to follow board procedures the Sierra Club had nearly 80,000 members nation wide and assets of over $3 million. The increase in funding and members was attributed to Brower’s use of unorthodox and often upsetting advertising campaigns, showing the ravages of environmental exploitation on animals and the environment, a previously unused but now common device of conservationists, and his merchandising campaigns, built originally on the successful large-format photograph books. Despite his successful financial and recruiting methods, Brower’s methods for campaigning for his environmental causes alienated many Sierra Club members, including Ansel Adams, who described Brower and his followers as “inquisitors”. Under Brower’s leadership the Sierra Club was credited with delaying or killing some $7 billion of development and construction, including proposed dams on the Grand Canyon. A fight Brower waged against a dam on the Colorado River in the canyon in 1966 led to the Sierra Club being reclassified as a political organization and as such stripped of its tax exempt status, something Brower proudly recounted in a 1990 memoir as a move he turned around on the government to elicit public sympathy. After leaving the Sierra Club in 1969 Brower went on to found the Friends of the Earth, (the organization which chartered what is now nationally observed as Earth Day.) The following is Mr. Brower in his own words.

    It’s Healing Time on Earth by David Brower Twelfth Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures October 1992, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

    (Described as a ?sermon? by his admirers.)

    “We do not have a democracy in the United States. Any country where only half of the eligible voters are registered and where only half of those who are registered vote and where only half of those who vote like their choice is not a democracy. Any country that isn’t ruled by its government, that is ruled instead by the Fortune 500, isn’t a democracy. And any world government that is ruled by transnational corporations isn’t a democracy. Yet such is the state of our national and global governments. According to my definition, a corporation is, right now, by law, a lawyer’s attempt to create something that can act like a person without a conscience. If you are a CEO or a member of the Board of Directors of a corporation that bypasses an opportunity for profit, you can be sued by the stockholders! There should at least be something written into law that says you can bypass it for sound social (Emphasis mine,) or ecological reasons. If you’re asked to invest, there should be an Environmental Impact Statement on what your money is going to do to the Earth. If you’re going to take over a company because it is trying to operate with a conscience and it’s making all the money it can and that’s why you’re trying to take it over, there should certainly be an Environmental Impact Statement on that. All of these conditions should be required. We should bring this about and see if we can instill ecological conscience into corporate behavior. If that happened, I think we’d be much better off.

    Remember what The New Yorker did under William Shawn? It gave an entire issue to John Hershey’s (extremist,) Hiroshima. One issue, maybe it was two, to Rachel Carson’s (thoroughly discredited,) Silent Spring. Three issues to Encounters with the Archdruid, John McPhee’s interview with me. Again and again The New Yorker carries pieces that are hard-hitting. I haven’t seen it for the past three weeks-I travel too much-but I understand that even with the new editor it’s still hard-hitting. In “The Talk of the Town” this week there’s apparently an article providing grounds for the impeachment of George Bush. (Emphasis mine.) They are bold. They don’t give a damn what their advertisers want, but they get them anyway. Their boldness makes them a required medium for advertisers to advertise in. I wish the rest of the media would try that out. We can go back to where we’ve been and do better. To science and technology we can add humanity and compassion and go back. Who will do this? Well, we want some teams. We want to build restoration teams on which all the creeds are represented, all the colors, all the ages (I still want something to do), all the classes, and all the sexes. We want to build teams that are willing to put aside their favorite prejudices and get into a symbiotic, instead of an aggressive, relationship with others. We don’t agree on a great many things, but we can agree that we’ve got to restore the damage we’ve done to Earth.”

    The deceased Mr. Brower was anything but a moderate. The anti-Vietnam War activists and greens who organized the tendentious 1970 teach-in on the centenary of Lenin’s birthday were even more militant. Bargholz 11:18, 23 April 2006 (UTC)

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  3. papacarder says:

    Check out the original Earth Day Proclomation signed by folks like Gorbachev, Yoko Ono, John Denver etc.


    Seems a little scant on environmental activism to me. If that is not a piece of socialist propoganda I do not know what is.

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