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Appropriate, yet this seems to predate the recent grassroots movement.

Clever, an updated version of a classic. Click on the image to go to the source page. Update: They forgot the hunters. We need them too.

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The most idiotic of the anti-freedom gun groups

Guns 4 Cameras is one of those youth advocacy groups that try to convince young kids to leave the webcam whore world and the YouTube video-blogging scene behind them and become a responsible citizen by teaching marksmanship, firearms safety, and … Continue reading

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The Washington Post spins the Zumbo saga, plus a timeline.

Blaine Harden, writing for the Washington Post, pulls a quote from freelance outdoors writer Pat Wray, implying that the grassroots outrage over Jim Zumbo’s gun bigotry blog post was the fault of the NRA: “This shows the zealousness of gun … Continue reading

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(Was) Fake: About that MySpace Brady page

I was writing yesterday morning when I noticed Snowflakes in Hell and SayUncle scooped me, although I was going at this from another angle. Still, I had my two cents to offer so I dropped a quick comment, and I’d … Continue reading

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Does Jim Zumbo actually get it now?

I’m not 100% sure, but Xaviar seems to think so. His initial apology was like “Oh, you mean hunters really use these things? Oh well, I suppose that’s OK then.” What everyone has been trying to pound into the head … Continue reading

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