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K3b DVD burn bug in live CDs like Knoppix, Ubuntu or MEPIS

Part of the recent problem I had with a hard disk crashing is that I have not been properly backing up my data. I’ve got several options, but I wanted to burn plain text data DVDs and keep them under … Continue reading

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mini HOWTO: ReiserFS recovery suggestions (bad bread)

ReiserFS is a general-purpose, journaled computer file system that usually only shows up on *nix systems. A journaling file system basically records what it’s about to do in a journal before doing it, such that if power is lost during … Continue reading

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The funny thing about MOVs

MOVs, metal oxide varistors, are the standard mischief in most surge suppressers. The funny thing about them is that they silently wear out. They suck up a certain amount of surges, and they could then give up the ghost without … Continue reading

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A bill: H.R. 1791

Uncle talks about a badly needed BATFE reform: H.R. 1791 Does is have a ghost of a chance, or is this just to make the people with a (D) after their own name look bad around election time come ’08? … Continue reading

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