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Paul Helmke’s Reasoned Discoursetm countdown, Round 2

With the outbreak of Reasoned Discoursetm over at Paul Helmke’s Brady Blog to Prevent Gun Ownership you might think that there’s no way to inject facts into the debate anymore, well at least not with Paul Helmke. However that is … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.2.2 and Subversion

It’s time yet again to do the WordPress upgrade. I did a clean install for version 2.2.1, but this time I got a chance to use Subversion. I just went into my blog via ssh and then issued one command. … Continue reading

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A $50 paint job for your beater car

Using fscking Rust-Oleim no less! The car looks pretty good, and you don’t end up going through a case of rattle-cans. Bonus, you don’t get CMYK-lung from the overspray. Yea, I have a beater and as soon as I get … Continue reading

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Trackbacks and Pingbacks seem to be working.

Ever since my host had a major outage (actually, they colo, and their provider had a massive power failure), the trackbacks and pingbacks seem to be working. I never realized how much the giving and receiving of pingbacks motivated my … Continue reading

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