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and we’re back… sort of

Update 15sep07: I’ve at least got basic redirects up and working, so you can ignore the following about manually adjusting your feeds. My understanding is that just about any feed reader will respond properly to a “moved permanently, 301″ request. … Continue reading

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skipping to the front of the security theater, and a bleg.

Chris Soghoian (over at his new cnet digs) goes over how to (usually) skip most of the airport screening line wait by refusing to show ID. He claims that you get bumped to the front of the line and end … Continue reading

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The Smallest Minority, now with full text feed

Well, well, when did this happen? I’ve been remiss reading Kevin because my usual speed-reading rounds didn’t leave much time for his slow-assed blogspot blog and free image hosting to load. But on or about the 20th of last month, … Continue reading

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