LOLcat creators, start your photoshopping…

Found via Blogs Now, this looks like an Ocelot house cat. S/he’s doing various cat thingys, like eating a chicken or playing with a squeeze toy that looks like a grenade. (Update: instead, this is likely a Fishing Cat, from Southeast Asia, as a pet)

It looks like the page is in Russian, so I can’t give you much else. One photo is borderline NSFW. Here’s a thumbnail:

ocelot looking cat eating a chicken

Site is here.

We don’t actually stoop as low as to make lolcats here at Standard Mischief blog, but that’s just because we’re not clever enough to add the white impact font letters with the black border in Gimp.

Prediction: < 24 hours.

Update in less than 24 hours: Probably the same cat, but a different photo than the spread I linked to. On Flickr.

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