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By now, if you read any of the gun bloggers, you’ve heard the news that the Bush Administration has filed an amicus curiae with the supremes over the upcoming landmark Second Amendment case D.C. v. Heller, and that brief is essentially supports the District’s side. Everyone seems to be linking to this Arms and the Law post, so I will too. While the brief from Bush’s lawyers does not go as far as the fantasy arguments that the District has been trying to make (essentially, the Second Amendment forbids Congress from disarming the state militia which is armed by the State which most certainly isn’t “The People” and since DC isn’t a state, while all the other amendment apply to the people living in the district, this particular amendment wouldn’t, but even if it did, the fact that you need a permit that you are not allowed to get to move your disassembled shotgun from one room to another while keeping said shotgun wholly inside your own private residence is not an “unreasonable restriction”.)

Instead, the Bush Administration says (paraphrased by Uncle): “…it’s an individual right but, you know, not really.

In a surprising and altogether refreshing development, the NRA immediately put out a limp press statement, rather than waiting a week or so to see if a chorus of their paying members was going to die down or not. This is a good sign, seeing as it seem to take them forever to spring into action in the Katrina aftermath. They also, as far as I know, never even mentioned all the “open carry” marches that happened in Ohio because local RKBA supporters weren’t at the time allowed to receive carry permit chits from the state. Nor did they ever comment on the firearm confiscations that appeared in Maryland during the “Beltway Sniper Incident”. Maybe “limp” is the wrong word, they’re displeased, but they really don’t badmouth the Solicitor General (who serves at the pleasure of the President.)

Snowflakes in Hell is hoping that someone in the Administration put forward this brief without the President’s knowledge. He’s hoping that heads will roll, and this isn’t further ample proof that Bush is only with us only as far as it takes to get RKBA people to vote for him. But Sebastian doesn’t go far enough in his suggested penance. Here’s a laundry list:

  • I want the President to ask for and get the appropriate resignations from the appropriate people.
  • Withdraw his nomination of Mike Sullivan for chief of the ATF
  • Use an Executive Order to forbid the ATF from making further law via issuing regulations, instead, have all proposed rules vetted through Congress.
  • Sign immediate and full pardons for Wayne Fincher and Cory Maye.

Probably both a good start and a complete pipe dream, though.

Update: links fixed

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