Someone got an unrestricted handgun carry permit, in Maryland no less!

Here in the free state, for normal mortals that are not politically well connected, carry permits are rarer than hens teeth. I’ve actually never even heard of one being issued, ever.

Pro Gun Progressive got one, and it only took seven months of waiting, some non-standard photos, a big wad of cash (fully non-refundable) a few times being grilled by our public servants, several affidavits from neighborhood police, more than one documented examples of threats and witness intimidation, a fingerprint card, the serial number for the Glock he plans to carry, and a few spent shell casings from the same Glock for our useless and expensive ballistics “fingerprinting” scheme,

The permit is good for a whopping year and fifteen days.  The permit was modified from his earlier permit he already had, which allowed him to carry only while transporting cash to an after-hours bank deposit slot. Evidently, it’s much easier to get a permit in Maryland to protect some cash than it takes to get a permit to protect yourself.

Let’s hope that his Glock keeps running like a top, because I believe he will be forced to carry an empty holster if he ever needed to send that handgun in for service.

Self-defense is a civil right.

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