Two Sides — Two Videos

Recently, those who would disarm everyone, (Million Mom March, and held a protest in Richmond, VA. The purpose of which was to request that the mythical “Gunshow Loophole” be closed. The anti-RKBA people had a “lying-in” where they pretend to be dead folk lying on the ground for a few minutes to protest how quick it took Cho to get the firearms he used in the Virgina Tech massacre. This, of course is a lie because it took him well over thirty days to get both firearms, and that wait did absolutely nothing to deter him from murder. It’s also a lie because he didn’t buy either firearm at a gun show (where the laws are exactly the same as everywhere else.)

But that’s not want I wanted to talk about today. I want you to take a look at these two videos on YouTube. Usually I embed videos in a pop-up window but today I want you to go to the actual site.

The first is from some user called stopgunviolence. The video is here. Pop it open in another tab or something. Note the following:

  • The video whines about how the counter-protesters – who counter-protest peacefully – didn’t get a permit before coming to witness.
  • The video whines about all the people who were lawfully armed, yet fails to note that not one of those people acted on any uncontrollably urges to do some kind of wild west shoot’em up.
  • The video is heavily edited with a number of stills.
  • The poster deliberately disabled the ability of visitors to rate his video
  • The poster deliberately disabled the ability of visitors to comment on his video.

Contrast this with a video from knotageek.

  • Comments are on.
  • Rating is enabled.
  • The video is pretty much one unedited slice of how the protest went, with a bit of commentary at the very end.

Another example of Reasoned Discoursetm?

(Video links via Sebastian, thanks.)(edit: wrong Sebastian, link fixed)

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