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It seems that a number of people have been locked out of their blogs over at Blogger. Google, which owns blogger, has a FLAG BLOG button at the top of every blog. Even though Blogger says “…it can’t be manipulated by angry mobs…” there is some chatter out there saying that’s exactly what is happening. Both lefty and righty people are being affected.

I’ve have a number of issues with blogs I want to read that happen to be on Blogger. At one point there was a lot of problems with the Blogger feeds. They seemed to be randomly switched between full-text and summery. Later, a bug popped up that randomly added year-old posts to the current feed.

Another issue I’ve had is when Haloscan comments have been flaky. Also, extremely slow loading of images from free image hosting service. I can mitigate this somewhat because I can always block the slow stuff myself.

The very worst issue has been that some people still use this god-awful old blogger template that lumps a week’s worth of posts together as one URL.

So here’s the deal: If you are on blogger or some other free hosting nightmare and you want to get off, I will help you. There are a few conditions:

  • You must be a supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
  • I must have seen you around somewhere on the tubez of interwebz.
  • Probably a third reasonable restriction that I don’t want to mention at the moment.
  • If I get more than three takers there may be a waiting list.

Originally I was just planning on getting you to sign up for free at my host and grant me access to your account, but that would require you to violate your terms and conditions of service (TACOS) to allow me to do stuff like set up the MySQL database. Instead, I’ll work with you to craft a custom solution.

I could just set the blog up myself under my account, give you the keys and have you donate to fund your own blog. This would cost me pennies to set up, and you could donate pocket change and lint to keep it running. Since I’m already paying for most of the expense to keep my blog going, I could do a WordPress blog like for about 6 bucks a year at the same bandwidth as I’m using now. If your blog is twice as popular, expenses would be about 9 dollars per year. My host, Nearly Free Speech, will host anything that’s legal. Pr)n, hate speech, rants about wacky intellectually-dishonest feminists, anything. The privacy policy here is outstanding and the price is rock bottom. I could also set it up and then push it over to your account at a slightly higher cost. You could buy your very own domain name too and add it to the mix.

You could go over to and get yourself a free blog. This could have many of the same drawbacks as blogger, but there’s not a FLAG BLOG at the top of the page. has free tools to import your blogger posts, and you could just try the thing out a bit for free and see if it works for you. Keep in mind that you end up beta testing all the new WordPress code, and you may end up paying a small fee if you like their optional add-ons. Marco got himself a free WordPress blog and he seems to like it. He also seemed to have successfully imported his old posts okay.

USCitizern is offering Free Parking! over at his blog. I suppose he has something like Dreamhost and have a bunch of extra bandwidth and MySQL database space on his hosting plan. Your blog over there would be something like

Off the top of my head, what I can’t or am not willing to give you include:

Free phone support or face time at the quality you might get when you pay someone for support. I’m still an amateur at this web support thingy and I’m not hanging out a shingle saying as such. I’ll do my best and I want the experience for my resume, but this is a part-time gig for me.

Design work. You can just look at my blog and see that those books on Cascading Style Sheets and PHP don’t work if you just slip them under the pillow and wait for the Skillz Fairy to wave her wand in your sleep. I can add plugins and WordPress themes, but that’s about it.

I’ll put up an email address in my footer in a little bit which you can use to contact me if you are interested.

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