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that civil literacy quiz going round, I got a 86-something on it…

I had a few of the same issues John De Armond had, but he wrote it up far more coherantly than I would, so I’m linking. I think he hocked a loogie on the first one, though.  He brings up … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

An awesome holidays dedicated to gluttney, sloth (which Is why I’m up at 5 AM to start cooking), harvest, family, and being thankful for what you’ve got. I’ve a lot to be thankful for, not the least if which is … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.6.5

Well, looks like there’s a recommended upgrade because of a vulnerability. Hopefully everything still works. I had a custom wp-cron.php that was patched to work with my host, but I did a diff and it looks like the patch made … Continue reading

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The road to a planned economy is paved with “good” regulations.

tgirsch, over a Say Uncle’s, sits on the fence over the Detroit bailout. The post attracts quite a few comments and things go off on several tangents. So I ask him if the over-regulators are ready to fess up their … Continue reading

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ick, I feel so dirty

I called my congress-critter. I called the office of the Honorable Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. I called him about the Dingle vs. Waxman committee appointment. His intern gave the standard safe answer when I asked … Continue reading

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