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on the left coast, perhaps a savior or eight is born

Is there anything that can save us from Obama’s, “free”, all-you-care-to-consume-until-we-need-to-ration-it universal healthcare for everyone plan? Perhaps, because days ago, I heard of a birth of octuplets. Now it comes out that the mother wishes to became a public person. … Continue reading

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newspeak: “neighborhood stabilization activities”

from Linoage, what is “neighborhood stabilization activities”? (link is google-fu) How does it differ from pork? My best guess is that this is a scheme to use taxpayer dollars to buy up abandoned properties and create an artificial scarcity in … Continue reading

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Copper Mesh Scourers by Quickie

Lest you think I’ve started splogging, let me assure you that is not the case. This is a “cranky consumer” post. I use copper scrubbers to clean gasket surfaces on engines and surface rust on steel because they’re softer than … Continue reading

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bread, TP, and milk

Although we’ve had a bitter cold snap, winter has been lax on the slick stuff this year until a few days ago. That’s changed now because we got an inch of snow that sticked and then a glazing of freezing … Continue reading

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Not even 24 hours, not even 24 minutes…

…but at 12:01 yesterday, before he had even finished swearing his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, was changed to reflect His Most Obamanesses’ good old-fashion gun banning ways. That’s a side of Barry we haven’t … Continue reading

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