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common bash misconception

If you’ve done any bash shell scripting, you may have come across the need to write data to a temporary file. However, a well-written script should take in the possibility that it will be run more than once at the … Continue reading

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My 8-year old nephew, the really clever one that’s unusually quick for his age on the computer, has managed to guess his mother’s password. Of course, having discovered something neat, he had to go tell everyone to inflate his “street … Continue reading

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like cellaring a wine box

Uncle reminds me about my favorite cheap (but good) booze: Pikesville Rye is a “Maryland” style rye that used to be made in Pikesville, Maryland. Now it’s made in Kentucky by Heaven Hill. It’s absolutely the very best deal in … Continue reading

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Well, I was pretty sure I wasn’t all alone out here…

So all the while where I’ve been ranting and raving over my own particular libertarian leaning beliefs, (namely, freedom is good, but giving artificial entities the same or greater rights than natural persons is a really crappy idea), I’ve felt … Continue reading

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…they lied, cheated and stole, but you ought to take one for the team

I probably ought not blog drowsy, but here goes… Kevin talks about people doing the “jingle mail”, by mailing the house keys back to their lender and walking away from upside-down mortgages because doing so is in their best interest. … Continue reading

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