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no one cares about your letter writing campaign when you’re just another pseudonym user on the tubes of web

Update 28apr09: Scrappleface does it better, funnier and less cheesier. Chris Core mp3 (was first broadcast on WTOP) Wading Into The Gun Issue I heard his segment on the way home. When I got a second I pounded this out … Continue reading

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bike BWI and slug Sunday

I did the BWI loop trail the other day. It’s detailed here and elsewhere. Because working at the startup really cuts into my workout time, I had the same second-day nausea and loss of appetite from having a hugely calorie … Continue reading

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rude awaking

…or why I should have slept in on Saturday. This is what I woke up to Saturday morning. It’s essentially our President saying all the right things about fiscal responsibility. This is the very same President that continued – just … Continue reading

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The scary and frighting rise of the extreme right-wing militia groups…

There’s apparently a government issued report. Issued today. The media is all over it. (Oh, and I think some people got together today to drink tea or something. It was a protest, I think) Ahh, lapdog media. Where have you … Continue reading

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