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The forecast was for a “dusting” to one inch

But what we got was an honest 5 inches of the lightest, fluffiest snow I’ve seen in a decade. Weather forecasters: well at least they’re pretty good at telling me when the precipitation will start, give or take six hours … Continue reading

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Ready to carpet bomb your congress-critters with faxes?

Say, maybe tomorrow morning? I’ll bet they’ll still be shell shocked over the Brown victory. You don’t want to call or email, that’s too easy. And you don’t want to mail anything, It’ll never get through the anti-anthrax screening on … Continue reading

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errors in the questions pool for the General Amateur Radio Licence exam

As you might guess, I’m studying for the exam now. It’s a boring exercise in memorization and regurgitation, something I was never much good at. I do have a solid grasp of electronics theory and radio propagation, so all I … Continue reading

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