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Gresham’s law not suspended by government regulations

in India, they have coinage made out of stainless steel. While not at Zimbabwe’s level of inflation, it appears that their coinage is worth more as scrap than as coins. The steel coins are being melted down and used to … Continue reading

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50 pieces of spent .22LR brass

Only $12 with $4.50 shipping and handling! Perfect for “upcycling”! Are there really idiots who would buy this stuff? It’s like selling used dog food for the price of sirloin.

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SWAT team justifying its share of the budget in these tough economic times (link is NSFW)

Shooting the dogs while the raid is unfolding is the NSFW part. They always shoot the dogs first. Radley Balko says that there “are 100-150 of these raids every day in America”, the excessive amount probably because of the need … Continue reading

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