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Righthaven joins such illustrious companies as the RIAA, the MPAA and good old SCO

This is probably the backstory to Clayton Cramer’s finale. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is specifically mentioned as one of Righthaven’s customers in this story by Wired’s Threat Level. Gibson’s vision is to monetize news content on the backend, by scouring … Continue reading

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you can’t negotate for lower healthcare costs (debunked yet again)

Last time I went in for an eye exam, my regular doctor wasn’t there. I like my regular doctor because he’s ex-military and understands peep sights, 6 o’clock holds and minutes-of-angle. He’s also the first optical professional that didn’t laugh … Continue reading

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A “subjects” changed to “citizens” story made my day.

Not much to say, but it sure brought a smile to my face. On an early draft of the Declaration of Independence, it seems that Thomas Jefferson wrote in the word “subjects”. He obliterated that word, and wrote “citizens” over … Continue reading

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