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No “safe harbor” for anonymous free speech.

Threat Level explains the $105 “safe harbor” solution that corporate personhood thingys like YouTube use to be able to host infringing content1, yet avoid copyright trolls like Righthaven. Of course, to exploit said safe harbor you’ll have to 1) Pay … Continue reading

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They had this all cleared up, they just forgot to tell everyone

It was all just a misunderstanding …or something like that. Things were coded wrong. Citi isn’t really anti-RKBA. Un-huh. Courtesy of the NRA’s Youtube feed. Citibank Continues to Deny Credit to Firearms Industry 5:51 min. Click here for pop-up | … Continue reading

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me over at Snowflakes in Hell

More on Citibank The side effect of not having an army of brain-dead zombies reading from your talking points and accepting your wheelbarrows full of cash is that your fellow RKBA supporters tend to make up their own mind. If … Continue reading

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reminds me of those $500 hammers

I only needed the yellow belt in searchengine-fu to find this: This looks like Cobham’s GSA price list. I guess the SWAG in my previous post wasn’t too far off the mark. Example: 426-4Q ST820-CS-1 820 Orion Tracking Subscription … Continue reading

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abandoning an expensive piece of federal property

Hey, it looks like the FBI just left it there, stuck to the underside of someone’s car, without a warrant. I would assume abandoning something like that deliberately attached to someone else’s property would be forfeiting any ownership rights, although … Continue reading

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