abandoning an expensive piece of federal property

Hey, it looks like the FBI just left it there, stuck to the underside of someone’s car, without a warrant. I would assume abandoning something like that deliberately attached to someone else’s property would be forfeiting any ownership rights, although the FBI probably feels a bit differently.

I need to get into the custom law-enforcement only gadgets business. This thing looks like less than $200 in parts, (zip ties, magnets, a cut down mag-light for power, and a handy-talky packaged with a TNC and a GPS), and I’d retail it with special custom law-enforcement only features for say $2999 to the type of people who spend taxpayer dollars.

A slightly different design, less tactical (i.e. less black) would be marketed to hams1 for say maybe $260. [youtube]

It looks like there’s a split decision in the circuses and so something like this warrantless tracking mischief might make it there to the supremes. Unfortunately, I don’t have any confidence that we won’t get another “bong hits 4 jesus” boner of a decision.2 Until then, depending on where you live, it seems to be perfectly OK to publicly track the location at all times of you congressional-critters. So, anyone want to split the cost for one to be attached to my local rep’s private property?3

[h/t] Kevin (I wish you didn’t have such a god-awful comment system so I could leave a comment once in a while)

1 Amateur Radio

2 School kids don’t shed their rights to free speech at the schoolhouse door, instead, they are required to leave their rights at home just in case they run into the Principal out in public.

3 If anyone wants to search-fu up some homebrew plans, the magic word is “APRS” – Automatic Packet Reporting System.

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  1. Kevin Baker says:

    What problems is Echo giving you? Drop me an email.

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