reminds me of those $500 hammers

I only needed the yellow belt in searchengine-fu to find this:

This looks like Cobham’s GSA price list. I guess the SWAG in my previous post wasn’t too far off the mark. Example:

426-4Q ST820-CS-1 820 Orion Tracking Subscription $861.46

That’s just the subscription, which can’t be anything other than a cellphone dataplan with the serial numbers scraped off and rebadged.

426-4Q ST-MAPNA Orion MapPoint North America $1,316.12

I guess this is just a digital map. And here I thought the upgrades for my tomtom’s map were outrageous.

426-4Q BP-103 Standard 8D Battery Pack $526.45

Got that? Over five bills for a eight D cell battery pack. I’m sure that batteries are not included. But it’s black, and all tactacool and those neodymium magnets aren’t free. Neither are those zip-ties.

426-4Q ST820BP 820 Battery Pack $382.87

This looks like the one in the photos. Let’s do the math:

1 Maglite S6D015 6-D Cell Flashlight, Black $20
1 Hour of machine shop time $40
1 Lamp cord cut from an extension cord at Wal-mart $1.09
1 power plug from Radio Shack $2.09
10 zip-ties, black $2
1 tube of superglue $1.49
2 packs Super Magnets .47″x.11″, 6 Pack $5.18

Ripping off Uncle Sugar with a 533% markup… Priceless

426-4Q TRAINING-1 Training 1 day $2,057.93

426-4Q TRAINING Training $2,632.24

It doesn’t say “per-person”

426-4Q ST820TK-SW Guardian with Software $5,259.70

This looks like the all inclusive price for the hardware and software. I guess I guessed low. Do you get the battery pack for that or is it extra? And why is it called a “Guardian”? It makes it sound like it’s a security alarm.

orion guardian st820

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