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WordPress 3.0.2

This doesn’t sound like a major exploit fix, as long as you’re doing the one blog owner with one blog author thing. If you’ve got multiple authors and are afraid one of them might be malicious, do this ASAP, (or … Continue reading

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“Roped off” scanners? Hard and fast airline travel numbers?

I still can’t find any hard and fast airline travel numbers for this past Wednesday. Has my search-fu gone foobar, or is that just not being reported? Karl Denninger says that there are plenty of tweets stating that the pedophile-scanners … Continue reading

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More about them, I mean us “Domestic Extremist”

Way back in April 2009, Homeland Security released a memo called, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment”. Wait, I sound like a lefty blog. Hell, I sound like Wikipedia. The whole truth is … Continue reading

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Thankful for incompetence in government

Otherwise, we would all be in boxcars on the way to the re-education camps by now. The TSA is busy blowing their own horn about the fact that the expected mass opt-out at the pedophile-scanners never really materialized. Of course … Continue reading

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Duck Duck Go

I’ve been using the SSL version of Duck Duck Go as my initial search engine for the past week or so, only switching to my fall back list of engines when the syntax of the search goes into “power user” … Continue reading

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