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This is considered a “critical” update.

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shout-out to video blogger tubalcain

My inner-machinist has a man-crush. I signed up for metal shop class three times during my time in high-school, sadly each time the class was canceled due to lack of interest. Woodshop is a poor substitute for the urge to … Continue reading

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Front Sight Death Watch?

Well Claire is reporting that the Extra Heavy Duty Palladium cubic zirconia1 Level lifetime Front Sight membership – which normally retails at $99,000+ – is now selling for as little as $250, (but only if you order now). While it … Continue reading

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cccccold eclipse of the moon

Too cold, incidentally, to hold the my scope steady. The weather ended up clearing out completely. Locally, it’s 26°F. Every place I can find online that is streaming the event has it’s servers swamped. I’m getting an OK view from … Continue reading

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Governor Christie ain’t nothing but an attention whore

That’s obvious from the way he’s toying with Brian Aitken’s freedom. I was just about to call his worthless ass and give him a piece of my mind, but instead I’ll bad mouth his shameful action here and be polite … Continue reading

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