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the Fourth Estate thinks it can just wish itself to be a Fifth Column!

Seriously, it works so well here in the states – blaming the Giffords shooting on “violent rhetoric” instead of a random crazy person – why shouldn’t it work exactly the same in Egypt, where the majority aren’t even native English … Continue reading

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Thankfully, we have the Media to help us during this snow emergency

Imagine, a “severe” winter storm that was proceeded by enough freezing rain to damage a number of trees. Widespread power outages from falling limbs. Temperatures that have only occasionally flickered above the freezing point. Several inches of snow is abundantly … Continue reading

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What does an Ebay shill look like?

It’s harder to tell since ebay stopped displaying the handles of the bidders that bid against you. But this one looks pretty suspicious: (clickable to enlarge) Above is the recent bid history of the partly-anonymized second highest bidder on an … Continue reading

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