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What goes well with extra-legal warrentless wiretapping and “secret” interpertations of laws?

Why, signing legislation into law using an “auto-pen”, of course! I can’t seem to find a source to tell me whether or not this is a first for any sitting president, but this blog over at ABC at least admits … Continue reading

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What’s the Frequency, Birther?

OK, yea. Despite what the post title – which I couldn’t help but use – says, this here looks pretty damn suspicious to me. The evidence looks considerably more damaging than the earlier “African” item of note, which I didn’t … Continue reading

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“distressed for true vintage quality”

I found the above on a pair of thrift-store jeans. I guess “artificially aged to spoof the appearance of real vintage clothing that you can pay full retail price for in a mass-market retailer” probably would not fit on the … Continue reading

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