190 proof outlawed

Maryland today joins California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Minnesota in outlawing 190 proof booze. I understand there is a de facto ban in Virginia thanks to the state controlled liquor stores.

That news totally came out of nowhere. I’m glad the fourth estate has got our back.

No word on whether 189 proof will be available for sale or I’ll just need to seek out some moonshine or something.

This is probably a good time to post my limoncello recipe:

You should do this recipe with a microplane zester.

Zest from about 3 limes or equivalent citrus peel
10 fl. oz. 190 proof alcohol
9 oz sugar (by weight)
8 oz water (by either weight or volume)

In a clean pyrex bowl, zest the citrus such that the essential oils spray downwards toward the bowl. Avoid as much of the white pith as practical. “Wash” the microplane zester with some of the 190 proof. Pour the zest mixture into a clean glass jar. Rinse the bowl again with some of the remaining 190 proof. Add any remaining alcohol to the jar and seal. Set aside for 2-3 days at room temperature. Using another jar, a funnel, coffee filter, and screen, filter the zest from the alcohol.

Heat the water in a pot and dissolve the sugar. Let the mixture cool. Combine with the alcohol extract. Store the mixture in the freezer for best results. The final mix should be around 80 proof, although because of the sugar and smooth taste it hits you pretty hard. Caution is advised.

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2 Responses to 190 proof outlawed

  1. J- says:

    You can take this to the next level.

    Run the zest and the alcohol through a blender then strain through a very fine mesh filter (like a french press or metal tea strainer). It really boosts the extraction of the essential oils and removes all the chunks of zest.

    The chemisty club made a similar drink in college we called “tincture of citrus.”

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