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The most subversive non-violent non-protester scores a victory against the state

A man comes down to the National Mall with a push mower and a leaf blower and starts cleaning up the memorial grounds. Of course he needed to be stopped, as there’s not a bigger threat to the state than … Continue reading

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We’re well into our second week of Shutdown-Mageddon (and aside from a bad cold, I feel fine).

A few observations: 1. Could this possibly be a deliberate attempt to wipe all the unconstitutional NSA spying off the public radar after the idea of War in Syria failed to gather favorable reviews in the focus groups? 2. Has … Continue reading

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price gouging vs. supply and demand

So you may have heard about a bit of a weather-related unpleasantness lately from something called a “derecho” that hauled ass across Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC and Maryland last Friday. As a result of such weather, many people … Continue reading

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“Always Think Forfeiture”

Here’s an interesting item up for bid on ebay. This looks like swag from some taxpayer funded BATFU seminar, with the famous “always think forfeiture” tagline on the back and the “made in china” sticker clearly visible. Stay classy, tobacco-ninja … Continue reading

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occupy nostalgic commie holiday

Look, y’all claim to be the 99%, but if you really want to represent me, I’ll have to see a wee bit more “Let the banks fail, lock up the criminal executives that broke numerous laws and recall Barny Frank”, … Continue reading

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