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“Always Think Forfeiture”

Here’s an interesting item up for bid on ebay. This looks like swag from some taxpayer funded BATFU seminar, with the famous “always think forfeiture” tagline on the back and the “made in china” sticker clearly visible. Stay classy, tobacco-ninja … Continue reading

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rare photo of a Technicolor stealth fighter

or something flew under the satellite while it was composing its shot.

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signs of the apocaly^H^H^H^H

…OK, well I guess I can cross something off my bucket list. The DC area was nudged by an earthquake centered about 82 miles southwest in Virginia. A 5.8 one, down there. The shake lasted a few seconds, long enough … Continue reading

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“distressed for true vintage quality”

I found the above on a pair of thrift-store jeans. I guess “artificially aged to spoof the appearance of real vintage clothing that you can pay full retail price for in a mass-market retailer” probably would not fit on the … Continue reading

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What does an Ebay shill look like?

It’s harder to tell since ebay stopped displaying the handles of the bidders that bid against you. But this one looks pretty suspicious: (clickable to enlarge) Above is the recent bid history of the partly-anonymized second highest bidder on an … Continue reading

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